BlankE Gravel Deck Edge

The BLANKE BALCONY Gravel Deck Edge is an edge profile with drainage holes. The profile is especially suitable to finish terraces and balconies where the top layer is installed loosely on top of gravel or supports. The BLANKE BALCONY Gravel Deck Edge is available in aluminium and brushed stainless steel.

BLANKE Gravel Deck Edge


How to apply

Apply the setting materiaI according to the manufacturer's instructions. Press the perforated leg of the profile into the setting material. Trowel the setting material over the leg making sure that there is full coverage within the perforations and along the edges of the leg. Set the tiles on the top of the perforated leg. The gravel deck edge should be always glued under the sealing level. In the case of an existing sealing level, the gravel deck edge can be fixed and sealed with a special bitumen-tape.


BLANKE Gravel Deck Edge Corner Joiner
BLANKE Gravel Deck Edge Joiner

Material, Colour


medium grey (45919)


Stainless steel
brushed (280B)

Technical drawings

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BLANKE Gravel Deck Edge (Aluminium & Stainless steel)