Expansion Joints and Screed Accessories

Expansion Joints and Screed Accessories


Newly-designed plastic expansion joint profile with no visible support legs and low gloss finish that more closely resembles actual grout...

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The Blanke•CORNEX is an innovative expansion joint that provides an integrated movement joint where the floor tile meets a vertical tile...

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Blanke•Surface Expansion Joint

The Blanke•Surface Expansion Joints are manufactured from coextruded rigid and soft PVC. It is used in tiled floors where...

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Blanke•Screed Expansion Joint

The Blanke•Screed Expansion Joint, manufactured using hard and soft coextruded PVC, is designed to absorb movement from...

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Blanke•V-Screed Expansion Joint

The Blanke•V-Screed Expansion Joint, made of hard and soft coextruded PVC, is used where movement joints are needed in tiles, bricks...

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Blanke•Heavy Duty Expansion Joint

The Blanke•HD Expansion Joint, constructed with aluminum, brass or stainless steel edges filled with a non-tacky silicone sealant...

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