Balcony and Terrace Profiles

Balcony and Terrace Profiles

Blanke•BALCONY-Gutter Quarter Circle Trim

It is designed to protect the edge of the tile installed over our underlayment, and to...

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Blanke•BALCONY-Gutter Edge Protector

It is designed to protect the edge of the balcony substrate and the edge of tile installed over...

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Blanke•BALCONY-Edge Protector

The Blanke•BALCONY-Edge Protector provides an attractive cover for concrete balconies and terrace slabs. Straight and corner joiner...

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Blanke•BALCONY-Edge Protector PRO

The Blanke•BALCONY-Edge Protector PRO is designed to protect to edge of the balcony...

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Blanke•CoveCover is an innovative, durable and attractive profile, which is especially designed for interior baseboard applications.

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Blanke•Gravel Deck Edge

The Blanke•Gravel Deck Edge has specially designed drainage holes allowing moisture to escape while containing terrace and balcony...

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Blanke•BALCONY-Gravel Deck Edge Pro

The Blanke•BALCONY-Gravel Deck Edge Protector Pro is a balcony profile for tile and stone...

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