BLANKE PERMAT | Multifunctional Reinforcing Underlayment


BLANKE PERMAT is a revolutionary reinforcing underlayment with the strength and stability to protect any interior tile and stone installation. Better than an uncoupling membrane, BLANKE PERMAT reinforces your tile, strengthens substrates, and creates a rigid subfloor beneath your installation. Lightweight, easy to install, and unmatched in strength - BLANKE PERMAT is the best underlayment you will ever use.


Lightweight, easy to transport and install, and cost-saving, BLANKE PERMAT is a premium product that outperforms all other underlayment technologies. The expertly-engineered underlayment utilizes layers of fiberglass mesh that bond with thinset and create a rock-solid subfloor beneath your tile. With its unmatched point-load, shear, and tensile strengths, BLANKE PERMAT offers structural support for every size installation from large-format tiles to hyper-thin tiles along with a 10-Year Warranty against deflection. In most stone installations, BLANKE PERMAT even replaces the need for a second layer of plywood, eliminating the increase in height of stone installations


  • Outperforms all uncoupling membrane technology
  • Saves time, material, and money
  • Eliminates risk of future failures
  • No size or material limits for tile
  • Easier and faster to load and install than cement board
  • Only one layer subfloor needed for tile or stone
  • No nails or screws required
  • No seams to tape
  • Lightweight technology, 30 lbs/box
  • 195 ft per box
  • Easy to cut, no dust
  • Interlocking sheets instead of rolls
  • Easier transition to other flooring
  • 10 year warranty against deflection
  • Heavy Industrial rated
  • Only 1/8" thick
  • 50 % higher compression strength and 7 x greater tensile strength than rolled uncoupling products

How BLANKE PERMAT Minimizes Transition Heights

BLANKE PERMAT installation with no increase in height of stone installation.

With Blanke•PERMAT

Traditional installation (rolled uncoupling mat / cement board) with a significant increase in height of the stone tile and the adjoining wood flooring.

Installation with rolled uncoupling mat
Installation with rolled uncoupling mat
Installation with cement board
Installation with cement board

Quick Reference – Residential Projects

  • Reduces deflection in wood substrates (i.e. 24 o.c. joist spacing)
  • Increases substrate support in stone installation
  • Provides flatter plane and stiffer substrates for large format tile
  • Only 1/8” thick
  • Suitable for all size tiles including mosaics
  • Weighs only 1lb. per panel (6.5 sq.ft)
  • Latex modified thinset recommended

Quick Reference – Commercial Projects

  • Reinforces subfloor and provides crack isolation
  • Superior point load strength
  • Suitable for tiles under 2” x 2”
  • Higher compression strength than leading product
  • Higher shear strength than leading product
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for floors exposed to heavy traffic (auto showrooms, airports, retail, nursing homes, hospitality)

Subfloor and Installation

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Technical Data

Top Mesh: Extruded twisted strands of highly alkali resistant glass fiber heat welded to the lower layer of highdensity polyethylene (HDPE) mesh.
Bottom Mesh: Extruded twisted strands of
alkali resistant HDPE
Fabric material: Polypropylene fleece
Thickness: Approx. 3.3 mm (nominal 1/8 inch)
Size: 1 panel: 2’ x 3.2’ (6.5 sq.ft.)
30 panels/carton (195 sq.ft.)

Floors Interior

Plywood or OSB Subfloors:
Joists spaced 16” o.c. and 19.2” o.c.: Minimum one layer 3/4” thick subfloor.
Joists spaced 24” o.c.: Minimum 3/4” thick subfloor plus second layer of 3/8” thick plywood or OSB.

Cement Subfloors:
Blanke•PERMAT provides excellent protection against damage caused by stress cracks and lateral movement typically found in cement substrates.

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